Launcher WP8

Launcher WP8 is a Windows Phone8 style launcher.It covers most of the UI ,Mainly the Tiles and and the app list.It greatly resembles the WINDOWS 8 UI so its a great app for WP8 lovers having android.

Home screen is highly customizible. You can have tiles of different sizes both horizontal and vertical.sizes can be changed after adding the tile or even before adding it.
        The tile can be of  any color from available colors.You can also have a the app icon or any image from provided sets of icon or from your external storage(SD card).The images can be centered (At the center of the Tile) or Extrude (covering full tile size).

The space between the tiles can be adjusted from '0 px to 12 px'.You can edit the tile layout as you wish by dragging and dropping and then save the arrangement from the 'Themes settings'.(in case your app force closes or something).The visibility of status bar can be changed.One more thing ,the wallpaper can be black,white or any system wallpaper.

Along with the app tiles you can add shortcuts,widgets and also the gallery tile with the slideshow of pictures and also the contacts tile with the pictures of your contacts appearing in small boxes.A time tile can be added .

This app also comes with a Wp8 style Lockscreen which can be Enabled/Disabled from the lockscreen settings.It shows the Day, date, month and the time like any other lockscreen. It also has the famous bounce feature of the Windows phones.It also shows the WP8 style status bar with the battery and the network strength.Again it can be Enabled/Disabled from the lockscreen settings. Lockscreen wallpaper can be changed.

App list is alphabetically arranged.It has a search option as well as the Index page with all the alphabets which make it easy to jump to any app without scrolling.You can access the Index by clicking on an alphabet in the lsit.You can easily hide,rename or uninstall any app from the app list just by long pressing the app icon and selecting the operation from the menu.One more amazing feature is that you can have the list or grid of apps installed just be clicking on menu and 'List<->Grid'option.



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